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oh, the hatred of school.

-- the seven things i hate about you :]



hey! i'm gemma. thirteen years old, and i turn fourteen on october 17th. i HATED school and theres a lot of entries of me complaining about it but that's changed now - i'm homeschooled! i love reading, writing, getting comments & friends, fashion, magazines, shopping, lipgloss, shoes & bags. i don't like school, liars, being blamed for something that wasn't my fault, people bring other people into their arguments, being left out & being out of the loop. i do drink alcohol, and i am underage but i don't go out clubbing to drink it. i drink in my house, normally dancing around to music. haha.

i miss you e & c <33 even though you aren't that far away as long as you're out of touching distance it's too far away for me.

alcohol, awkwardness, babies, bags, beaches, birthdays, black & white photography, black eyeliner, blondes, books, boys, britney spears, brunettes, bubble baths, candles, caramel, celebrities, closer magazine, clothes, cocktails, comfort, convertible, cookies and cream, crayons, creative writing, creativity, credit cards, cupcakes, dancing, daydreaming and imagination, delicious drinks, designers, digital photography, dr pepper, dresses, early mornin', endless summer, fairies, famous, fanfiction, fashion, figuring out html codes, first kiss, first time, flat shoes, freedom, fridays, friends, fun, getting lost in novels, good quotes, gorgeous, handsome men, hats, honesty, ideas, indie, inspiration, iphone, ipod touch, jessica simpson, journalism, journals, juicy couture, justin timberlake, kelly clarkson, kfc, late nights, laughing, laying in the grass, lindsay lohan, lip gloss, livejournal, long car rides, look magazine, louis vuitton, love, love it! magazine, lowercase letters, lyrics, magazines, manhattan, margaritas, maroon 5, mean girls, mix tapes/cds, mobiles, money, music, newlyweds, nicole richie, nyc, ok magazine, parties, pedicures, perusing bookstores for hours, photography, photoshop, pictures, pizza, playlists, polaroids, post-it notes, preps, psychology, publicity, rachel bilson, rachel stevens, rain, rainy and cloudy days, reading by lamp light, redbull, redecorating, reveal magazine, sarcasm, scrabble, secrets, self-improvement, sex & the city, sharpies, shoes, shopping, silk, since u been gone, sleep, snow patrol, stationary, stuffed animals, sugar, sunday morning, sunrises, sunsets, sweet, swimming at night, swings, tattoos, text messages, texting, the color pink, unsent letters, vintage tees, vip, vodka, vogue, water, weddings, writing